Stanwood Needlecraft: Large Metal Yarn Ball Winder 10 oz - Heavy Duty

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For sale is a jumbo-size metal ball winder. This model is custom made by us under the brand name of "Stanwood Needlecraft". The quality of this machine is amazing!! It is built to last. In comparison to competitors' models, our model has the following advantages:

(1) We use special nylon for cogwheels. They are super strong yet extremely quiet compared to metal cogwheels.

(2) Our winder does not require any tools to assemble.

(3) The metal frame is painted by electrostatic painting so the paint will not peel.

(4) The edges of this machine are super smooth. It won't leave any marks on your table.

We are very proud to offer this large model. It can handle about 10 oz of yarn, which is 2.5 times what our smaller winder does. The winder can be clamped onto a table up to 2 1/8" thick. The picture shows how it handles an 11-oz yarn ball (yarn not included in this sale). 

If you bought your yarn in hanks, you need a swift to wind it into a ball as shown in the following video:

If you bought your yarn in skeins, you can directly wind it into a ball without the assistance of a swift as shown: